Defining Radiant Barrier and Its Benefits

Why You Need Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

Insulation for the attic of your home is one of the most important investments you can make. Without proper insulation, you’re subject to terribly high energy bills and unbearable discomfort in your home. No one wants to suffer through either of these consequences, which is why we carry premier attic insulation at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham. However, our insulation isn’t your traditional fiberglass batts, rather, it’s a radiant barrier technology. Radiant barrier utilizes the same space-aged technology that NASA does in its spacesuits. This means that it’s strong and reliable enough to protect astronauts from the harsh void of deep space. It works due to its high value in reflectivity and low value in emissivity, which means that it reflects heat rather than absorbs and reemits it.

The Importance of Reflecting Heat

Not all insulations reflect heat, which results in heat transference still being able to take place only at a slower rate or via a different means. For instance, fiberglass insulation merely slows down the process of heat transference by trapping heat in its many tiny fibers. Though this isn’t bad, it’s not ideal since heat still enters and exits your home, albeit at a slower rate. With a radiant barrier system installed, your home will reflect the radiant heat that tries to project itself into your home via the roof. By having radiant heat reflected back towards its source, you no longer have to worry about it finding its way back in through that path. That’s not to say that heat will not still find a way to transfer, but our eShield® system is able to prevent more than 97% of radiant heat from entering your home.

Expertise in Attic Insulation & Energy Efficiency

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, our energy experts are professionally trained to locate the areas of your attic that can benefit the most from radiant barrier. This means there’s no wasted effort in making your home an energy efficient juggernaut. Combining our radiant barrier with other insulation types can dramatically improve the overall efficiency of your entire home and create a complete insulation system. However, protecting against radiant heat should present itself as being among the highest in priority since it is known as the most efficient form of heat transference. To learn more about what makes eShield® a necessity for any home, contact us today for your free consultation.