Clog-Free Gutters Protecting Home Foundations

Save Your Foundation with High-Quality Gutters

Not many homeowners are fully aware of just how damaging clogged gutters can be to their homes, which is why the experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham are here to help. We understand the full extent to which clogged gutters can damage your property. One of the most extensive damages that can occur is to the foundation. It’s because such severe damage can occur that we carry the high-quality K-Guard gutter system. K-Guard is a four-piece gutter system that is designed to handle the heaviest rainfalls and shed leaves and other debris to keep your gutters clog-free. This system works effectively so you don’t have to worry about foundation damage resulting from ill-performing gutters.

How Gutter Clogs Break Your Foundation

The way clogged gutters break the foundation of your home is quite simple in nature. Clogged gutters can’t redirect water away from the base of your home so it pools instead. This saturates the soil to the point of where it puts great pressure on the walls of your foundation, which can lead to cracks and moisture infiltration. Once moisture seeps into the walls, any number of issues can occur, including a breakdown of the material. Another issue that arises from saturated soil at your foundation is that once it dries and contracts, the foundation of your home will shift and destabilize. This has severe negative impacts to the structural integrity of your home. Sure signs of foundation damage are bows and cracks in your wall and basement flooding. It’s imperative that you contact a professional for further inspection the moment you notice any type of foundation damage. If you want to avoid it altogether, then ensure that your gutter system is in proper functioning order.

Ensure the Safety of Your Home with Gutter Guards

By choosing to have our K-Guard gutters installed on your home, you’ll receive greater peace of mind with regards to how well protected it is. Our unique gutter system is designed to stay clog-free, which means greater protection for the foundation of your home. This results in a more stable and waterproof home, plus, your gutters will require little to no maintenance. In addition to the peace of mind you’ll gain, you’ll also be able to take solace in the fact that your new gutter system will look spectacular. The elegant curves at the face and corner of the system complements the architecture of your home. To learn more about how our gutter protection system can protect your home’s foundation, contact us today for a free consultation!