Why Choose Gutter Covers over Screens

Keep Clog-Free Gutters with Gutter Guards

There are numerous gutter protection systems available that are supposed to help the gutters of your home remain clog-free. Unfortunately, most of these products are aftermarket add-ons and of poor design. This is problematic for homeowners because now they run the risk of getting stuck with an inefficient gutter protection product that still leaves them with clogs. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we circumvent this issue with our K-Guard gutters. This system includes a gutter cover as part of its four-piece design, meaning you won’t have to worry about filtering through any aftermarket products to find the perfect application to keep your clog-free gutters. Since our covers are one piece of a whole system, they do require the installation of our entire gutter protection system. Some homeowners may have concerns with replacing their entire gutter system just to receive an outstanding cover but it’s a wise investment to make.

Gutter Protection: A Wise Investment

The advantages to having a gutter system designed with a gutter cover far outweigh those that aftermarket guards possess. A common gutter guard many homeowners fall victim to is the simple gutter screen. These aftermarket covers are meant to prevent debris from entering the gutter trough but typically fall short of this task. Despite filtering out most debris, smaller things are still allowed through. Furthermore, the screens themselves are subject to gunk and sludge buildup and still require regular cleaning. The installation of gutter screens often require being installed under the first row of shingles which can lead to damage to your roof and a voiding of its warranty.

One of the greatest advantages is that gutter systems designed with a cover often do not need to tuck under your initial rows of shingles, keeping your roofing warranty intact. This remains true with the K-Guard system as the cover is fully supported by the internal brackets so it never has to touch your roofing. Additionally, our system has a rear-drainage channel so water has two point of entry into the gutter trough.

Don’t Fall Victim to Aftermarket Failures

When it comes to keeping your gutters free of debris, there’s no better option than the gutter protection system we carry at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham. The four-piece system is designed to with a gutter cover in place that does not risk voiding the warranty of your roof. Additionally, the full cover system low-maintenance and doesn’t require scraping gunk and debris off the top like gutter screens do. The debris shedding design is complemented by the principle of liquid adhesion which keeps water flowing along the surface and into the front entrance. Invest in a clog-free gutter system that works; just contact us to schedule your free consultation today.