A Four Piece Gutter System that Works

Gutters Designed for Quality & Durability

The gutter system we carry at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham is specifically designed to provide a high-quality rainwater management system that is low-maintenance and durable. This is to ensure that homes are protected from the damaging effect of rainwater throughout the year. The K-Guard design makes use of the principle of liquid adhesion so it can continue to redirect water without leaves and other debris building up in the gutter trough. It’s comprised of four main parts that ensure its functionality, strength, and durability so you’ll never have to worry with cleaning gutter gunk ever again. These four parts are the hood, gutter, internal hangers, and downspouts. Each component plays a significant role in creating one of the most sought after rainwater management systems currently on the market and Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham is your local source for this fine piece of equipment.

Four Parts Perfecting a Whole System

  • Curved Hood: The key to keeping our gutters clog-free, the curved hood is placed directly over the top of the gutter. Working on the principle of liquid adhesion, the hood keeps water flowing into the gutter and sheds any leaves and debris harmlessly to the ground.
  • Gutter: The gutter is the central piece of the system as it acts as the channel through which rainwater travels while being redirected away from your home. The full size 5” gutter is capable of handling the heaviest of rainfalls.
  • Downspouts: The oversized downspouts used on the K-Guard system are designed to expediently disperse rainwater to an area far away from the perimeter of your home. The 3×4” design gives them the ability to handle heavy water flow and flush out any small debris that may inadvertently sneak into the system.
  • Hangers: The internal hanging brackets completely support both the gutter and curved hood. This means that neither the gutter nor the hood ever have to touch your roof so its warranty remains intact. Our exceptionally strong hangers screw directly into your fascia board from where it fully supports the entire system.

Expert Installation of Quality Gutters

The four-piece design of the K-Guard system ensures its low-maintenance and strength but the installation done by the experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham ensures the durability. In short, a poor installation leads to numerous issues with the entire system. These issues can range from having an exposed fascia board to sagging gutters. We make certain that this is never an issue with any of our installations for the simple fact that we believe in delivering the highest quality with regards to products and service. It’s due to our strong adherence to high-quality that we’ve become the trusted source for gutter installations in . Contact us today to learn more about how our K-Guard gutter system can better your home instantly.