Why You Want Gutters to Remain Clog-Free

The Importance of a High-Quality Gutter System

There are many homeowners out there that consider gutter systems a superfluous expense but those homeowners couldn’t be more mistaken. It turns out that gutters are one of the most important installations you can have on your home. The reason for this is simply because they function as a rainwater management system that redirects water away from your home. This is extremely important because water that’s not dealt with properly can lead to a multitude of expensive damage to your property.

Even homeowners with a proper gutter system must be wary of water damage since not all gutters are equipped with debris shedding components. This means that they can still clog and not properly direct water away from the home. Fortunately, the experts at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham have taken this into account, which is why we carry K-Guard. K-Guard is a debris shedding gutter protection system that keeps your gutters clog-free so they can continue to protect your home.

The Consequences of Clogged Gutters:

  • Basement Flooding: A common affliction from poor water management, basement flooding occurs when water is allowed to pool around the base of your home. It’s from this position that water finds any opening through which it can enter. Common point of entry are basement windows and degraded seals.
  • Foundation Damage: Damage to your foundation occurs pooled water saturates the soil surrounding your foundation to the point of expansion. The expanded soil puts large amounts of stress on the foundation walls causing cracks. When the soil eventually dries, it contracts and the relief in pressure destabilizes your home.
  • Eroded Landscaping: The constant overflow of water running off of your roof and over the clogged gutters subjects your landscape to erosion, which will eventually lead to a bare and damaged landscaping.
  • Wood Rot: Water overflows from all sides of clogged gutters, including the back. This is important because that’s where the gutter attaches to your fascia board. Constant exposure to overflowing does massive damage to your fascia board and can even damage your roof.

Trusted Source for High-Quality Gutter Systems

The high-quality gutter protection system we carry at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham is the perfect installation to prevent expensive water damage from occurring to your home. The K-Guard system we use is comprised of four main parts to shed debris and redirect water from the heaviest of downpours. Additionally, you can always count on a flawless installation from each of our teams of experienced installers. Our goal is to make sure that you never have to worry about damage to your property resulting from rainwater ever again. To learn more about how our K-Guard system keeps your home safe, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.