Top Signs of a Failing Gutter System

When You Should Worry About Your Gutters

The importance of a gutter system should be fairly well known amongst homeowners throughout and surrounding areas. As such, the prospect of gutter maintenance should also play an important role. The bottom line is that a poorly functioning gutter system is just as bad as not having a gutter system at all. It’s for this very reason that keeping an eye on your gutters is very important to the overall health of your home. With a failing gutter system, your home is subject to damages to your landscape, fascia, foundation, and more. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we don’t want to see your home fall victim to such devastation, which is why we’ve comprised a list of some common gutter issues that can save you a lot of grief and money.

Simple Signs of Significant Issues:

  • Sagging Gutters: If your gutters are sagging or pulling away, then you need to replace them immediately. Not only are they not properly draining, but they are also exposing your home’s fascia board and foundation to water damage.
  • Separated Gutters: This means that your gutters systems is not properly connected to form a continuous channel, which means it can’t redirect water away from your home.
  • Water Pooling: This is something you’ll notice around the base of your home and it indicates that your gutters are not redirecting water properly. This could be due to a clog in your gutter system or poor installation.
  • Peeling Paint: This occurs on or around your gutters when the system or areas are constantly exposed to standing water over an extended period. This can be a sign of clogged or extremely old gutters, which means that maintenance or replacement is needed.
  • Cracked or Split: Damages like small cracks can turn into big issues, which leads to the potential for severe damage to your fascia board, shingles, and many other things.
  • Water Damage: The presence of water damage on the backside of your gutters indicates that you have water overflowing from your gutter system. This results in water damaging the soffit and fascia board of your home.

Install Peace of Mind with a Quality Gutter System

When you have a gutter system of strong quality installed on your , you gain peace of mind concerning its protection against rainwater damage. This is especially true with our K-Guard gutter system since its innovative design makes it ideal for redirecting rainwater. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we strive to provide homes with the highest quality products and services. This is what has made us one of the most trusted sources for premier gutter installations in and surrounding areas. To learn more about how gutter system can save you a lot of trouble, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.