High-Quality Gutter Systems Protecting Homes

Preserve the Condition of Your Home with K-Guard

The K-Guard gutter protection system is one of the greatest upgrades you can grant your home and Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham is your source for this elite system. The unique design of our gutter system gives it the ability to shed leaves and debris of all types to remain clog-free. The debris shedding cover ensures that our oversized gutter trough is consistently free of any obstructions so it can continue to redirect rainwater away from your home.

Rainwater is able to travel into the gutter trough on the principle of liquid adhesion, which dictates water adheres to a surface. The water follows along the surface area until it reaches a gap at the face of the gutter system where it pours into the trough. From there, the water is directed away from your home by flowing through the channels set up by your gutter system. The redirection of rainwater is an integral process in keeping your home safe from water damage. It’s this task that makes high-quality gutters like K-Guard essential to your home.

Features & Benefits of K-Guard Gutters:

  • Four-Piece Design: Our gutters are comprised of four components to create an impressive water management system. These parts are the hood, gutter, downspouts, and hangers.
  • Maintenance Free: The curved hood ensures that your gutters stay clog-free so you never have to shovel your hands through gutter gunk ever again.
  • Superior Strength: The K-Guard system is supported by a patented bracket system made from all-weather polymers. These brackets fully support the hood and enhance the structural integrity of the gutter system to keep it from sagging or pulling away.
  • Durability: Our K-Guard gutters are made using heavy-duty aluminum and are highly resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the coatings are designed to last well over 20 years so the aesthetic is never in question.
  • Attractive: Our gutter system is designed with a smooth curvature at the face and corners to match or complement the architecture of your home. We also have several colors available to add further beauty to their appearance.

Beauty & Reliability Installed on Your Home

Our K-Guard gutter system is designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind when it comes to protecting their homes from damaging rainwater. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we understand the great threat that water poses to homes. It’s based on this understanding that we’ve chosen to carry one of the most reliable gutter systems in the industry. In addition to the upgrade in protection, you’ll also receive and upgrade in curb appeal with K-Guard. Invest in your home today by contacting us for a free consultation.