Our K-Guard Gutter System vs. The Rest

Superior Protection & Beautiful Design

Aftermarket products are a risk in any industry because often they aren’t specifically designed for the product on which they are attached. This is especially true with gutter guards as many aftermarket guards are supposedly made with a one size fits all mentality. Despite the selling point of “one size fits all”, they often do not which leaves your gutters and home susceptible to damage and degradation. Fortunately, there are gutter systems available that are designed with a cover to protect homes in and surrounding areas from the damaging effects of rainwater. One such system is the K-Guard system that we carry at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham. This unique four-piece system is one of the best total package gutter protection systems in existence.

Outperforming the Competition

The K-Guard system is designed for beauty and efficiency with a curved hood that installs directly on the gutter system’s internal brackets. This means that you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty on your roof since the cover never touches it. The unique design and installation also provides a rear channel through which any wind-blown water may enter. Our gutter system is one of the only systems with this quality, so unless you have K-Guard, you’ll have to deal with possible water damage to your shingles and fascia board. Furthermore, aftermarket products are more apt to be blown off by strong winds and still acquire clogs that need to be cleaned. The superior strength of our internal brackets prevent the cover and your gutters from being dislodged, even during gale force winds. Plus, they require nearly no maintenance since the guard fully covers the top or your gutter system.

Fully Integrated Cover for a Beautiful System

The fully integrated cover makes our gutter system one of the most reliable clog-free systems on the market. Additionally, the oversized gutter trough and downspouts allow for larger amounts of water to flow in and be redirected away from your home at one time. The internal hangers we use are made using special polymers to give them superior strength that keeps the system intact even during the strongest storms. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we make it a point to carry on the highest rated products to upgrade your home. Don’t miss out on one of the best rainwater management systems available and contact us about our K-Guard gutters system today!