Troubling Signs that You Need New Windows

How to Know Your Windows are Inadequate

The windows of your home are one of the key factors in energy efficiency and beauty so it’s imperative to make sure they’re in adequate condition. Unfortunately, many homeowners let their windows fall to the wayside, which leads to higher utility bills and decreased curb appeal. The experts employed here at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham have years of experience in the remodeling industry so we are more than capable of helping you identify when new replacement windows are needed for your home.

The Signs of Inefficient Windows:

  • Old and Dated: Outdated windows can be just as bad as broken windows. Not only do they severely hinder your curb appeal, they also bring down the energy efficiency of your home. This can cost you quite a bit if you try to hold onto them. In short, make sure that you’re aware of your windows’ age and manufacturer lifespan.
  • Physical Damage: This can pertain to anything ranging from cracks to warping and even worn seals. Each of these discrepancies are fairly easy to spot and may seem minor but can lead to a great deal of energy loss.
  • Drafts from the Window: Drafts are indicative of air leakage, which is also a form of energy loss as the conditioned air you enjoy inside your home is literally flying out the window. If you notice air coming in or going out through a closed window, then you should have it replaced. Drafts can be an indicator that the window is not sealing properly, thus air is still traveling through it.
  • Difficulty of Operation: If your window has become difficult to operate, this means that it is most likely out of balance. This is caused by an internal operating component malfunctioning or breaking and can lead to windows that slam shut for no reason or won’t open.
  • Condensation: This is a common occurrence for areas around your window and even on it, however, condensation between the glass of multi-pane windows is a clear indication that there’s either a crack or busted seal. When this happens, you lose the insulating qualities that these type of windows have. This results in a great deal of energy loss and can even lead to mold inside your window.

Trusted Source for Window Expertise

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we want you to experience the fullest benefits that replacement windows are supposed to offer. That’s why our trusted window experts are here to help you identify when your existing windows are failing because they can lead to a severe loss of energy. Then you end up paying more in the long run for your energy expenses then you would have if you had invested in replacing your windows. Additionally, you get an instant boost in curb appeal with our custom window selection. Don’t fall victim to a false sense of frugality by holding on to windows that have outlived their usefulness. Instead, contact us to set a free replacement window consultation.