Know Your Styles: Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows

Which Window Works for Your Home & Why

A common question that our window experts hear is “What’s the difference between Single and Double-hung windows?” The answer is fairly simple but the primary difference consequently develops further differences. Each of these window styles are highly popular in and surrounding areas due to the high versatility they offer. This is a great benefit that each window offers, however, you’ll need to know more than that to make an informed decision. At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we’ve compared these two windows to reveal which one is more advantageous to have.

Defining the Difference Between Single & Double-Hung

The primary functional difference between the single and double-hung window is that the double-hung has two operable sashes. This means that both the top and bottom sash can open and close. In addition to this, they are also able tilt-in for easier cleaning. However, this one difference does mean that other differences follow in terms of design which affects factors such as cost, efficiency, and more.

A Breakdown of Consequences

  • Affordability: In short, the single-hung option is more affordable due to it having less working parts and lower labor costs with quicker installations. Single-hung are often found as fixed units in standard sizes, meaning they are easier to install in an existing space. Double-hung windows require checks for each sash, resulting in more time and money spent on the installation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Any modern window will upgrade your home’s energy performance, however, there single-hung windows perform better than double-hung because of the fixed top pane. Less operable parts means less energy loss occurs, making single-hung the clear winner in energy-saving.
  • Security: Many suspect single-hung windows to be more secure because they have one less opening, however, double-hung windows have a stronger frame to support their extra weight and parts, giving them more structural integrity. Additionally, they have locking mechanisms for each sash and vent latches to limit how far each sash can open.
  • Maintenance: Double-hung windows are very easy to clean due the tilt-in sashes. Additionally, they’re easy to operate and solidly constructed with high-quality materials to significantly reduce the chance of a mechanical malfunctions.

Which Window Wins the Battle?

The winner of this battle has yet to be determined and most likely cannot be determined. Put simply, the deciding factor between these two window styles is the buyer’s preference with regards to convenience and affordability. Some homeowners can absorb the extra expense of double-hung and prefer the benefits they offer while others prefer the lower cost and energy-efficiency of single-hung windows. Regardless of which window you choose, you can be certain that Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham will provide you with exceptional quality and installations. Contact us today to learn about our other window options!