Perks of Replacement Insulated Vinyl Siding

The Efficiency & Beauty of High-Quality Vinyl Siding

Making sure your home is equipped to weather any adversity relies on a few things, which are its level of security, exterior strength and durability, and energy efficiency. It also goes without saying that curb appeal plays a huge role in the life of any home. There is one product in particular that can help increase each of these qualities in a home and that product is siding. The secret is the insulating contoured foam-backing that acts as an added thermal barrier that increases impact resistance and fills out the form of the siding.  At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we carry some of the finest vinyl siding on the market with our Charter Oak® insulated vinyl siding. The siding as a whole does an excellent job of shedding moisture and retaining its structural integrity to from water damage behind the siding and general siding damage.

Vinyl Siding: A Wise Investment

  • Superior Construction: Our vinyl siding makes use of superior formation and installation techniques. This includes TriBeam® construction, resulting in greater rigidity and even walls. Additionally, the weep holes prevent excess moisture from collecting behind the siding.
  • Impact Resistance & Noise Reduction: The rigid construction and contoured foam backing increase the siding’s resistance to impacts of any type. The foam backing also reduces the infiltration of outside noise.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: A variety of our Charter Oak® utilizes the advanced Neopor® technology to create a uniquely efficient foam backing that greatly increases the panel’s energy efficiency since it is fused to the back of the panel.
  • Increased Protection: Our siding uses a rolled-edge nail hem that ensures its enduring strength and exceptional performance in any climate and weather condition. This means that it can withstand the strongest winds and rains without lifting, buckling, warping, and other common siding afflictions.
  • Greater Curb Appeal: Our siding’s rigid construction and contoured foam backing ensure your home is presented with a filled out form. Additionally, we have several colors and siding profiles from which you can choose.
  • Low-Maintenance: Lastly, vinyl siding is the most low-maintenance siding product on the market as it requires no painting or scraping. Additionally, washing requires little more than a spray with your garden hose.

Perfection is Siding Installations

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we pride ourselves on performing absolutely flawless installations every time. We employ only the most qualified and experienced installers to ensure that you are able to enjoy all of the benefits of our replacement siding. When you choose our services, you can rest assured that there will be no buckling, bubbling, or any other siding issues that can occur from a flawed installation. Begin the journey to increasing the beauty, efficiency, and protection of your home by contacting us to schedule your free siding consultation today.