Customize Your Home with Vinyl Siding Varieties

Perfect Siding Selection for Beautiful Homes

At Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with multiple options for their home remodel. This includes carrying a large variety of siding types that’s capable of bringing greater beauty and energy efficiency to your home. Our siding varieties are of the highest quality and designed to be exceptionally durable and strong. They make use of innovative design practices such as Neopor® foam backing technology that is fully fused with the back of the panel. The seamless fusion gives our Charter Oak® vinyl siding one of the highest R-Values in the siding industry. Additionally, the foam backing increases its strength and noise reduction ability. Charter Oak® with Neopor® Technology is just one of the insulated vinyl siding options we carry. Others include the Charter Oak® Energy Elite and Prodigy®.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Options:

  • Prodigy® Insulated Siding: This line of siding features a foam backing that is 1½” thick to effectively reduce the heat transfer that can occur through your home’s exterior. The insulation also adds to the structural integrity of the siding as well as noise reduction.
  • Charter Oak® Energy Elite: This features a contoured insulating foam to aid in the siding’s energy efficiency and form. TriBeam® construction grants this siding superior strength and rigidity to produce straight and even walls. Additionally, it’s quoted to be 500% more breathable than standard insulated siding products.
  • Charter Oak® with Neopor®: This siding is largely similar to the Charter Oak® Energy Elite but features Neopor® technology. Neopor is an advanced insulated foam that makes use of expanding beads to greatly increase energy efficiency by reflecting radiant heat.

Perfect Siding Solutions for

The perfect siding solution for your home can be found here at Ultimate Gutter Guard of Birmingham. Our large siding selection provides your home with outstanding insulation, protection, and beauty. Each of our sidings are available in several different colors that can give you a renewed sense of pride in your home. Additionally, the low-maintenance quality that vinyl siding provides is extremely appealing to homeowners throughout and surrounding areas. They never require painting or chipping and require little more than a spray with your garden hose to clean. To learn more about our amazing siding varieties, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.