Ice Dams Causing Major Damage to Home Gutter

Dripping ice on gutter

As temperatures rise, the aftermath could mean many big problems for homeowners. One of them is the formation of ice dams, the result when water builds up behind a blockage of ice.

“The more run off and freezing, the heavier and heavier they get,” said Scott Dunn from Steffes Seamless Gutters. “The backed-up ice pushes on the front of the gutter and can tear off the gutter, damage the fascia and soffit, as well.”

This problem starts when melted snow accumulates in gutters and hardens because of the cold, resulting in ice dams. These formations then block off any water that’s supposed to pass through, making it overflow and form icicles.

To read about the full extent of damage ice dams can cause, click here.

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